Agrasen appears in mythology as the hero of ‘Mahalakshani Vrat Katha’ which is a part of ‘Bhavishya Purana, and Bhavishyottar Purana. Another ancient work which tells about Agrasen is ‘Uru charitam’.

Oral traditions in Agrawal families coming down from hoary past furnish vivacious accounts of the personality and deeds of Agrasen when figures in some dynastic charts of ancient rulers also.


Agrawals form an important segment of population in India. They are about seventeen to eighteen million in their numerical strength which constitute almost two and a half per cent of total population in the country. Yet they emerge proportionately much more prominent mainly on account of their predominance in the fields of trade, commerce and industry. They are known as the born businessman and have bulk of trading activities in the country in their hands. No wonder that they belong to an opulent class of people. Agrawals are strewn everywhere in metropoles, cities, towns and villages across the country with sizeable concentrations at a good number of places. And spilling from their lot has now settled in other countries as well. Though, the word Agrawal is the common surname which can be used by any member of the creed, several of them prefer to use their respective gotras as their surnames.

However, irrespective of this variation in their surnames, they all trace their origin to the legendary king Agrasen, an illustrious figure in the galaxy of mythological personages of India held in high esteem by the people at large till to-date.

Legends present Agrasen as a democratic ruler of a large state spread over the territories of modern Punjab, Haryana and Rajasthan. He had founded a new capital called Agroha, Located at a distance of just twenty kilometers from Hisser, a prominent trading town of Haryana now a-days and the seat of Haryana Agriculture university.


20th September 2009

Dear Members,
I feel privileged and honoured to entrust me with the responsibility of becoming the president of the Agrasen Sabha. It is a great honour trusted on me and I extend my assurances to do my best to push our Sabha a few steps forward, but with your co-operation.
I would like to extend my gratitude to my colleagues who gave the Sabha a solid base which will benefit the members of our society.
I would like to welcome new ideas which will benefit our members’ future progress and advancement.
It is my humble and pressing appeal that our youths should come forward with new ideas and should take over the society; for the Society’s future and betterment.
My executive committee is trying to reserve the news letter’s of the Sabha and especially the matrimonial aspect which will be a free service for the fully paid up members of the Sabha.
I’m sorry to say that our news letters are a bit late due to certain circumstances.
I am thankful to Mr. B.L. Agrawal, Mrs. Sudha Agrawal and Mr. Anil Gupta for their full co-operation.

With best wishes

Ved Parkesh Gupta.

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